Friday, October 10, 2008

Quiet Time

Quality time





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Poomabai said...

I have something to put up:
As you read this, God is with you.
He reigns and he is holding your hand
He has never left you through your pain.
YOu're unsure of everything that has been happening.
You believe that your faith has dwindled.
You feel terrible, unwanted and unloved.
Believe me, God loves you.
He has lovingly called out to you.
He wants to forgive you.
He wants to heal your broken heart.
He wants to cleanse you of your guilt.
He simply wants to hold you and tell you it is ALRIGHT. You have sinned but it is all going to be alright.
"I love you."

Jesus loves us.

I need you to remember that as His children, we can NEVER run out of faith, it may fall to an all-time low, but it is still there. We will ALWAYS believe in Him. It is a question of whether you have faith in your belief.

Trust Him to guide you.

Love from a rather cozy bed in a small flat in Tottenham Court Road, London.